Rofis MR70. Form and function, and BRIGHT!

You know, after I sold my D4, something was lacking in my lineup of lights. I needed a serious flooder with throw.
Oh, I found it!

Say hello to the Rofis MR70.
This is my second light from Rofis, and so far, I've really warmed up to the brand. The R1 I have is so versatile, it goes with me everywhere, the MR70 is the same.
It's small enough (Shorter than my 18650 Fenix TK15UE) that even with the fat battery, it's very comfortable to hold. It's the right size!

Here's what you get!
1. The light
2. Extra O rings, extra charging port cover
3. 26650 5500mAh high drain battery
4. A very nice braided charging cable
5.A micro USB to USB adapter, for using the MR70 as a charging device.
6. An extremely nice case.
7. A durable lanyard
8. Warranty card and a well written manual.

One interesting, and very nice feature of this light is the side light.

On one side of the light you have the power/function button, on the other is little white diffuser, underneath that is a CREE XP-G2 R5 NW LED. With three settings and a max of 200 lumens, this easily bathes an entire room in a very smooth,warm light.

After my first test outisde I suddenly realized it had a very cool feature.... A glow ring!

So, this is a rechargeable light, you can also use the supplied cords and charge other items with the 5500mAh battery this light comes with, in this example, I was charging my Rofis R1 with the MR70.
I am a big fan of versatility.

So, let's talk about the primary light.
This is the only light I've ever had that had a CREE XHP70.2 P2 CW LED, and it did not disappoint.
Turbo OTF lumens hits at 3500 lumens.
It's got plenty of throw, and tremendous spill with a MASSIVE hotspot.
Nothing gets away from the beam of this thing. It's neutral in tint, but once you hit turbo and high it's just an astonishing wall of light.

The picture above is about 20ft higher than those benches in elevation. The tops of the trees are about 45ft above those benches, and I'm about 70ft away. Turbo mode.

The above is a boardwalk through the woods. It's much longer here than the camera could capture, but the trees off in the distance are about 300-400ft out.

That shelter off in the distance is about 250ft out.

Explanation of the above...
That's known as Frankenstein's tower. I'm about 50ft from the tower, the tower is over 40ft tall.

It was difficult to really get the beamshots I wanted of this light. It really is bright, and the lights swath is very broad, but the massive hotspot is incredible!

This light has reaffirmed my thoughts when I first received the Rofis R1... Rofis is a serious contender in a market where competition is fierce.
This light exemplifies quality.

It's the Rofis MR70!